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In our research for Computing, we’ve absorbed almost 1,000 books, dozens of documentaries, a multitude of original sources, and a cornucopia of information drawn from the Web (no book will give you a detailed history of the use of computers in the movies, or every Apple product ever released, or the evolution of Internet memes). As we continued our development of the storylines for Computing, we found ourselves in need of a better way to organize the abundance of research notes we’d collected, to establish a more flexible platform that would sustain our creative work during production, and to process the many, many sites that we’d simply not had the time or attention to metabolize. To that end, we’ve created a private research portal that greatly contributes to our storytelling.

In that portal, we’ve collected almost 9,000 research notes, which includes the indexing and classifying of around 3,000 historical events and 6,000 web sites. We need your help in entering information from the remaining 2,700 sites we’ve studied. If you volunteer, we’ll give you access to our portal then give you a brief orientation and a couple of practice articles to enter. When you are ready, we will digitally hand you a set of articles from the Web for you to add to the portal and classify according to several taxonomies. Once you are done with that batch you can request more to do and we’ll hand you more sets to process. We’ve crafted a tool to make it easy, and so each set of sites should take you only an hour in total.

If you volunteer to help out in this effort, you will get our undying thanks and we’ll add your name to our select group of research contributors. We think you’ll enjoy learning some things about computing that you may never have encountered before.

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