Research Contributors


Without these wonderful volunteers, we would never have been able to process all of the research materials we’ve collected for Computing: The Human Experience. We are forever grateful for their assistance.

If you’d like to help our research efforts, contact us. You’ll get our undying thanks and we’ll add your name to our select group of research contributors. We think you’ll enjoy learning some things about computing that you may never have encountered before.

Celso Gonzalez
Fabrizio Francione
Stan Zajdel
Gonzalo Contento
Jitendranath Palem
Kevin Grazioplene
Neal Schlatter
Sanjiv Sahai
Mariled Arango
Jesse Dunietz
Sada Haider
Fabrizio Francine
Ivan Portilla
Chris Li
Ian Wesley
Joyce Avila
Leonardo Postacchini
Prasad Prabhakaran
Santiago French
Andra Sonea
Jitendranath Palem
Sanjiv Sahai
George Walther
Jack Duffey
Eran Khoo
James Rhee
Kathi Daugherty
Myra Snyder
Roberto Martinez
Laura Contento
Aniruddha Nandi
Neal Schaltter