Dec 092011

Please share with us the story of your human experience with computing. Email your stories to computing [at] booch [dot] com, and we’ll post your story on our YouTube channel.

Take out your smart phone, your iPad, your webcam and record a quick 30-60 second video. You can record yourself, your neighbor, your child (imagine your child or grandchild trying to explain how a computer works, or why computers are important.)

  • Talk about how your world has been changed by computing
  • Talk about how YOU have been changed by computing
  • Talk about your first memories of computing (for some of us that goes back to the days of raised floors and huge, noisy machines)
  • Talk about your hopes for your children in a digital world
  • Let your children talk about computers
  • Interview your neighbors, your parents, your friends

Here’s a sample to get you inspired.

Help us show the world that computing really is a human experience.