The story of Computing begins here:

An Enchanted Land
computational thinking

The next two stories address the primary forces that have shaped modern computing:

Woven On A Loom Of Sorrow
computing and conflict
The Great Civilizer
computing and commerce

The next six stories explore computing through the lens of the human experience:

All Watched Over By Machines Of Loving Grace
computing and the individual
A Thousand Individual Threads
computing and society
When In The Course Of Human Events
computing and nations
To See A World In A Grain Of Sand
computing and science
Deus Ex Machina
computing and faith
The Lie That Enables The Truth
computing and art

Having journeyed across computing’s landscape, we next consider to what degree we can make our imagination manifest:

The Imagination Age
the limits of computing

We conclude with two stories that address the question of what it means to be human:

I Sing The Body Electric
the extension of the body
I Think, Therefore I Am
the augmentation of the mind